This is a great story. It starts with a Mom’s enduring love and ends with you smacking your forehead and saying “Why didn’t I think of that?” Pillid is, well, a lid that stores pills, or any other little treasure you can fit in there, which was designed for her daughter who is fighting JM.

We knew we had a potentially enormous market for this project so we wanted it to be attractive, hip and cool. No one likes carrying around their prescription meds, so we needed this to be something people were proud to use. We also new that it was the perfect name for an ambigram (reads upside-down and rightside-up), which is great for use on a product that isn’t always rightside-up. Influences from water, the environment and this incredible story were used to develop the brand.

Simple, vivid and descriptive packaging was designed where the consumer could easily see the product and identify its use. Bookmark style brochures were developed to be placed inside a bottle with Pillid, which has been an invaluable marketing tool to help spark conversations with consumers and potential corporate buyers.

The web site was designed using the Squarespace platform which gave the clients a CMS (Content Managment System) they were comfortable using and allowed the design flexliblity needed to maintain the brand presence and launch the site quickly to attract buyers.

Pillid is currently for sale on Amazon and Storables. An amazing brand for a phenomenal little product.

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