Aria | Style is the most award winning florist in the Seattle market. They needed a visual image that reflected their stellar reputation and would help them market to future wedding and corporate clients. The business card is a 2-sided card with 2 metallic foil prints on each side for a dramatic finish that catches your eye and light at every angle. The tri-fold brochure showcases their talents at local bridal shows and expands to an impressive 15 inch span. A mild use of spot gloss coating draws attention to the logo and copy.

For the ads we wanted to capture the the beauty of the moment and the influx of emotions, just before the bride walked down the aisle. So many stunning images came out of this shoot, it was hard to choose just one, so we didn’t. We have since held several other shoots with the same model, each promoting a different season and the array of expertise provided by Aria | Style. Post production included color correction, graphic overlay, minor touch-up and overall design and layout. Credits to LaVie Photography and Azurra Photography.