Photography Matters

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Who doesn’t love a beautiful image?  That’s right, no one.  So it would make sense to say that using professional photography in your branding would be a good thing. If you’re considering investing into professional graphic design please don’t protect your budget by using some images taken with your phone or the digital camera that was sitting in your office.  Cutting corners with photography can have some significant effects in the overall impression and final products that your designer is able to deliver.

Let’s use an analogy.  What kind of masterpiece could a chef prepare with canned or processed foods?  Probably nothing that would garner a great Yelp review.  Now, if you take that chef’s talents and creativity in the kitchen and arm him with some fresh herbs, produce and protein you’re going to have some delighted tastebuds.  As a designer, photography is a powerful tool.  If I’m using photography with bad framing, is over/underexposed, grainy, low-resolution, or more or less uninspiring, my hands are tied up.  Sure there are some improvements I can make with Photoshop, but they are never better than great photography, and those extra hours trying to make something beautiful out of sub-par images will end up on your invoice that you could have spent with a photographer.

Custom Photography is especially important if  you are providing a specific service or product.  Stock images just won’t cut it here.  Many times, I work with a photographer as an Art Director and we collaborate to give the client results that they didn’t know were even possible.  Talk to your graphic designer about the photography you have or are planning on using.  Utilize their expertise, ask for suggestions, or recommendations on photographers.  Photography can make or break your visual efforts.


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