2011 Trends in Logo Design

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Whenever I read a title like this, I immediately start rolling my eyes, then I of course click the link.

As much as I believe each logo I design is a product of a unique creative experience extracted out of hours of research and client interaction, I’m subjected to influences I see around me. If anyone says they aren’t, they are lying, or living under a rock. Just like trends in the fashion world, logo design changes with the tides.

The “ninth” report by Logo Lounge is a fairly comprehensive collection of logos the design world offered the past year.

Here are a couple of trends they have pinned:

[list color = ‘999999’ type = ‘arrow_3’]
  • Lots of color, but lighter tones this year
  • Green is in. Not just the color but anything giving that “I love my planet” look.
  • Grey and Brown are the new Blacks
  • Simple thin lines
  • Distressed and grunge effects
  • Circles!

The common denominator in many of the logo samples provided break a cardinal rule of mine, in which they rely on color, shadows, and gradients to define the logo.  Looks stunning on the web at an appropriate size, but  fails in many other forms.  At any rate, it’s fun to look at can provide a bit of inspiration.

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